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replaceing gt6 rear spring


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Hi all...tomorrow i'm going to change my gt6's rear spring as she is sitting a lot low on the back end and i thinks it's due to either a week spring or i've got a broken leaf (it is a 40 year old piece of kit) I've just been reading a book about the car and it says that i've got to disconnect the driveshafts from the diff????? surely not? If i put a jack under each rear hub to take the weight surely the spring will just pull out wont it?  Any advice?  many thanks in advance


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If the spring is worn as you say it should just pull out

You will have to remove the front diff studs as the spring wont pass through

I did not even disconect the handbrake cable (it got a bit tight though)

I replaced mine last year it took about an hour and you may need an extra pair of hands

A couple of lengths of 3x2 will help you push the spring down whilst you refit the top spring clamp

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