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rear spring - same as spitfire?

Sam C

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Hi all

I need to replace the rear spring in my MkIII rotoflex GT6.

Is it identical with the spring in other cars? for example vitesse, spitfire - and in that case what models?

Would this, for example, be the same?:


Many thanks all!


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There are differences between GT6 and Spit fixed springs, and also among GT6 fixed springs, but the swing spring assemblies are the same for the late GT6s and Spitfires. Better described in a table/listing of part numbers:

early (mk1, mk2, mk3)
305894 (fixed spring)

late (mkIV, 1500)
159640 (swing spring)

early (mk1)
307324 (fixed spring)

rotoflex (mk2 and mk3 thru KF20000)
308499 (fixed spring)

late (mk3 after KF20000)
159640 (swing spring)

My guess (and it's a guess since I have not made measurements) is that the rates are different among the different fixed springs.  However, they are interchangeable as far as fitment goes, so mechanically, you could substitute.  HTH--cheers.

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Slimboyfat wrote:

Late MKIII (swing spring) is 159654.

159640 is short shaft MKIV Spitfire.

Oops--your'e right.  159640 is the Spitfire swing spring and 159654 is the late GT6 swing spring.  Sorry for the misinformation.

BTW, the switch from short to long axles on the mkIV Spits came after FH500000 (Feb'73).  All mkIV and 1500 Spitfires had the same swing spring; 159640 is not just for the short axle mkIV but all mkIV and 1500 Spits.  

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