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Morning all

i own a mk3 spitfire (missbehavin),and have just joined this forum.  She currently sits on standard steel wheels with chrome caps and alloy trims, but i am considering changing to wires or revolutions,  i would be grateful for some pics of spitfires with either of these wheels fitted . Heres hoping :)

Thanks. Sue

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Sue, what colour is yours? Any pictures? We all luuurrrvvveee pictures!

I agree with the wires, but others have them and have no problems, it's whatever you like I suppose.
Personally I like wide standard looking steels!
Or perhaps minilite style, revo's are very retro and do suit the spit, I had them on my mini's when I was a nipper. ( amazed I can remember that far back)  :-/

Oh and welcome to the forum, where abouts are you located?

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My 1968 mk3 with wires...

A couple of the pics are very old scans but they give a bit of an idea - must get around to taking some up to date digi pics sometime!

As for wibbles and wobbles on wires, I don't drive competitively but don't hang around either, I've never had a problem with them. As for appearance, I think wires suit a mk3 perfectly - very 1960s

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Hi Sheepy

Thanks for the welcome most appreciated  :)   I live in wiltshire.  My spitty is signal red and beautiful!!  I will post some pics in the next few days.  dont remind me about getting old, the first spitty i owned was back in 76, have never forgotten the Reg  FBM381E  often wonder if she is still on the road.

pics on way

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Red with wires seem to be popular, my friend dirk's spit that we are restoring is red (was, and will be again) with wire wheels. (see mk 2 restoration thread)

Ah sue, I was just a little un in 76, amazing how some reg numbers stay in the memory! My dads old mini cooper s will always be engraved in my void! Sadly it's no longer listed, so presumably it's gone!

Yes some pictures will be great!  :)


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Ooh Tim, you are a bad boy!

I have been mulling over ideas for my mk3 when finished,

Wheels- toss up between steelies or minilites! But I decided to go for wide steelies.

Then colour- since a kid I always loved BRG, but I know light colours suit a round tail, so was thinking of baby blue.

I forgot about your spit until now!!! So that's made my mind up! Blue with steelies! Cheers matey!  ;)
(yours looks ace by the way) I have a nice warm feeling when I look at it! Ooooohhhhh!  ;D

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