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Can some one advise please, I need to replace the Head gasket on my recently acquired MK4 The engine number is YC67581 HE. Looking on EBay not too helpful as often the blurb reads up to engine number so and so or suitable for recessed head. that said I do like the prices, any one any experience of them?
or is it like most things you get what you pay for?
Thanks in advance for any help

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Model               Commission      Body    Engine  Gearbox Diff
Spitfire mk1&2               FC....#         ....FC  FC      FC      FC
Mk2 numbers start from 50,000
Spitfire mk3                 FD....#%        ..FC/FD FD      FD      FC

Spitfire mkIV                FH....#%        ....FH  FH      FH      FH

Spitfire 1500                FM....#%        ....FH  FM      FRI     FRI

Looks like you got a mk1/2 engine .....

I know James Paddock sell Payen h/gasket sets, probably cheaper than 'The Brothers'.... ;)

Part no: GEG183

11.50 delivered (untick the express delivery option on checkout )

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The gearbox will fit, could be done a couple of ways (ie choosing a new clutch needs the old one out first)

But will make very little difference to values unless the car is otherwise very original and minty. ie a high value motor.

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Its no biggy, the poor old sod is a 'bitsa' (like most of the CT owners cars are) ....:)

Just get a spitfire 1500 headgasket set from paddocks..... the 1500 was standard in the 1500 (Mk5) spitfire and is a great strong low reving torque based engine, no need to go beyond 5k revs and still fun to drive.
The MK4 should have a 1300 engine with a 4 speed non overdrive box, the 1500 loves an overdrive gearbox for 80mph etc but the 4 speed will do for 60-70mph no probs (assuming you have a 1500 diff...the previous owner may have not changed it, the type of diff will have a number on the casting next to the input flange.... ).

There is NO difference in the spitfire 1500 engine and the dolomite engine other than the starter and ring gear.

Thats the only main issue you MAY have is the starter motor and flywheel ring gear, its bespoke to the Dolomite 1500 YC engine, the starter motor is like rocking horse poo...!

Do you have a pre-engaged starter IE it has a 'modern' solenoid as part of the starter or do you have a inertia type with a seperate solenoid on the bulkhead ?

If you have an inertia starter it will have had at some time the spitfire ring gear fitted to the flywheel .

Also......if the chassis is off a 1500 spit, it will have a cut out on the r/h chassis rail for the exhaust downpipe from the manifold...;)


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