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Squeaky fan belt


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Anyone know what i can do to stop the squeak on my fan belt, i know its the belt as old one was fine, new one squeaks, back to old one and ok, back to new one and it squeaks.

not a constant squeak, its only when a certain bit goes over a pulley, seems a bit of white cord material is sticking out and it squeaks, have trimmed it but still squeaks, not very loud but enough to notice, pulleys all seem clean and smooth not sure what else to try apart from buying another belt?


should just add its not slipping or anything, just a squeak as the rubber goes over the metal pulley

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Talcum powder. I had a mate with a belt drive Kawasaki GPZ305 and he would put talcum powder on the belt aand the squeeking stopped for a good few miles. It was even better when I adjusted the alignment of the rear wheel.
Have you tried to get rid of the high spot with some emery paper? as I would think that might cure it, failing that take it back, tell them it's defective and get another one, checking it for imperfectionsand high spots.

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OooooH! Grease!   Rubber grease, perhaps,but ordinary mineral graese will rot rubber.
WD40 is the stuff.   It's a lousy lubricant, but stops belt squeal instantly.

BUT, check that the squeal is from the belt, and not the water pump bearing.   WD40 is a diagnostic test!


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Not really in this situation - it all depends upon the chemical makeup of the relative materials and fan belt rubber is pretty tough and ordinary grease pretty mundane.  Now old engine/gearbox oil I would agree!  I went out and checked my Mk1 belt because of your comment which had the 'treatment' in the mid 1990s and despite the engine not having run for over 15 years belt is still OK though a little stiff with age.

You have to be careful with WD40 on rubber because that has been reported to cause some rubbers to deteriorate, for example with Range Rover sliding sun roofs the advice is strictly against it and supposedly higher silicon content stuff like Duck Oil is recommended.  Mind you not sure that WD40 is all that bad as I have used it myself on sliding sun roofs and window channels because I have not bothered (to tight/lazy to find it) to buy the recommended stuff.


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its called belt slip  made by Hycote  just found my  old aerosol,

like the talc smells nice 'even if it doesnt cure .

old trick was a quick rub on the dip stick whilst idling.

the noise is the squeegee of the belt as it bends in the vee,   think its to do with the kevlar cords mixed in the belt

making tighter can also improve the noise


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