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Chromed beading finisher for screen

Tim Hunt

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I'm posting on here since I am sure more will read than in TR2-6 section and I am sure same section is used on Spitfire/GT6. I am annoyingly missing a tiny bit of the chromed beading finisher from the glazing rubber on the backlight of my 4A. It's some sort of T section and is 8mm in width. Does anyone have an old length hanging around from which they could spare me an inch? Sorry to mix metric and imperial measures.


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I might have some in the garage that's usable, though from what I remember when I took it off the hardtop (to fit new) it had become extremely brittle. Must have been original from 1980. Will have a look for you this weekend if nobody else has anything newer, PM me if I forget.

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Old stuff will be brittle, it will also differ in colour/shade from what you have as they all fade with age & weather to different degrees. I may have a small bit too, let me know if no-one closer to you comes up with it.

The whole lot is missing on the front and rear screens in the GT6 so I need to source some new. When I get around to doing that, I may possibly have a new lump left over.



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