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Club Triumph Three Counties Rally - 13th May 2018 - Entry Opens


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Many thanks to Nigel and Dale for a really good event yesterday. The roads were brilliant, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed it very much. The navigation was just about spot on, with nobody cleaning it and a wide spread of scores. 

It was clear that a lot of effort had gone into the organisation of the event and that was much appreciated.

Thanks again, Mike

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Echo Mikes post. A very enjoyable day made all the better for the win.

I tried plotting the herringbone again when I got home and made it fit straightaway. I must have tried a dozen times on the rally and couldn't quite get it to fit. I put it down to the limited space in the front of a Spitfire. I have long advocated a handicap system based on available space to plot in the car 😉 but the general consensus is that Mike should get a bigger car tongue-out.

I still say that first spot height is beyond the junction innocent.



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I'd like to add my (rather delayed) thanks to Nigel and Dale as well.

All in all a very enjoyable rally, some straightforward clues, some tricky ones, and some real head scratchers - the last section in particular! Throw in a silly mistake on the herringone and we were very happy to get 1st novice.

Having the start and finish in the same location made a big difference for us as I met Steve at the start.

Lastly another big thanks to Steve for putting up with my navigating once more!

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