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Turnbutton fasteners.


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Has anyone used these Turn-button fasteners / common sense fasteners for their tonneau / soft top?

DOT - Turnbutton 8mm kit with screws common sense fastener boat canopy cover (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DOT-Turnbutton-8mm-kit-with-screws-common-sense-fastener-boat-canopy-cover/191261502376?epid=1788627957&hash=item2c8812eba8:g:BIwAAOSwAKxWWErY&frcectupt=true)

I'm fed up with my plastic press stud types as they are getting brittle and the metal ones are very hard to pop.




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I don't know how necessary it is but I'm pretty sure there's a special tool to punch holes for these fasteners. Assuming it is the same thing I'm thinking of there are multiple "prongs" mounted together, I can imagine it being pretty tricky to do and get a tidy result with a knife or whatever else you might improvise with.

EDIT: there's a hole punch tool shown further down the listing at £12.50. I've seen them going for north of £50...


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