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Fitting side windows


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I think I've dropped a *******!
After a six month lay off (basically through lack of cash over the winter) I've started work again on the Vitesse restoration. Today's job was to fit the rear side windows with new seals. Well there was no way they were going to go into that space, if I got the bottom in the top was just too far away, by miles, to even get near, and vice versa.
So I had a brilliant idea!!!!.
I slackened off the roof by about 5mm and undid the bottom of the B post in order to get the seal into the gap, even so it was a real struggle. I did however manage to get the windows in after a lot of sweat and expletives. Now the B post is about 3 or 4mm to high at the bottom so that I can't replace the small bolt.
I'm reluctant to take the windows out again unless it's absolutely necessary as I can't see any other way of fitting them with the seals appearing to be far too big (I know they're not but that's how it looks).
Any suggestions please?


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just to help any auto glass with a tight/acute corner is a pain to fit, nice rounded corners are much easier.

we found the developed length of some new rubbers were about 3/4" too long , very fiddley to get all corners to mate up with the aperture corners,

the whole seal was made too long. so you chase the corners around for ever.

to bed the glass use and old leather glove filled with sharp sand , tie the wrist off and use this to whack the glass
better to use lead shot if you have some ,  gives a good soft weighted blow to seat the glass.

lube the rubbers with some soft soap before you string it in.


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