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Oil leaking from head gasket


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hello again
i have a new problem on my spit 2.5, ever since i took my engine out i have oil leaking out from the head gasket at 3 points along the join below the 2nd 3rd and 5th spark plug. it only leaks when the engine is hot, on a 5 mile drive the amount of oil that has leaked out will have reached the bottom of the block, it looks like quite a mess.
when the engine was taken out it was lifted by the factory lifting points and the head was not taken off! but when it went back in it was leaking. i have since had the head off and skimmed and reassembled with a payen gasket and no change. The guy at the machine shop that skimmed it was a 6 cylinder triumph man and said he had never heard of this problem, although he did advise to put a light smear of gasket sealant along the head gasket just along that side. the compressions are all good, there is no water in the oil or vice versa. it drives great.
has anyone else seen this before?

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did you fit a tabbed gasket to a non-recessed block?

That is what I had on my PI, and it leaked oil (a lot of it) between teh head and block, but only after I lifted it into teh engine bay to replace my tired original.

Didn't leak a drop before it;s trip on teh crane.



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Hello Andy,

80 lb/ft is higher than recommended, 65 is the figure in my book. Sometimes the thread in the block will pull up a bit at the block face but I'd be surprised if that was enough to reduce the clamping of the gasket. Frost's sell a sealing stick for oil leaks, worth a try if it is running well and has no other problems?


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thanks everyone for the suggestions,
i did change the head studs, it is a non recessed block and has the correct gasket with no tab,  and i checked around the top of the threads and there was no lifting of the thread, the face was level.
i have 2 books, they disagree, one says 60 to 80 the other 80. so the first time i put it together i had them at 65, after it was skimmed i went with 80 with the advice from the machine shop.

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MIGHT flex the head slightly, however you say you have had the head skimmed, so that will have nullified that problem.

You ain't gonna bend the block like that however, and to be perfectly honest the head would have to be very stuck for damage to occur from this, I should have thought. Warping due to heat and or incorrect clamping can occur.

I second Richards comment, check to see if the block is true.

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