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TR7 Injection Manifold


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On 04/05/2021 at 11:22, Jason said:

That's gotta be a rare export only part or were injection cars ever sold in the UK?

Injections were sold in the USA , it is a little difficult to get hold of looks like the below.


 TRIUMPH TR7 (FUEL Injection) Inlet Manifold Ulc2085 - £55.00 | PicClick UK

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12 hours ago, vitessesteve said:

I read somewhere that Revington have recently sold on their TR7/8 stock and will not be supporting that model in future.

Saw that too recently. Shame really!

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Cheers, thats the one , I have the manifold and fuel rail now as a couple came up on Ebay.   Some of the bits I'll swap in for modern bits like a modern Speeduino Ecu which has a MAP sensor and TPS on a home made plenum. I also will have a crank fired ignition system with Wasted spark

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