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Blew the clutch slave, replaced it, blew replaceme


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Didn't use the car for 2 months, took the car for a drive, soon got to a junction, went to pull away and couldn't find any gears.
Looked under the car and fluid was going everywhere.
Stuck it in gear, started it, drove home.
Bought new slave, replaced slave, bled clutch.
All good.
Went for a thrash, still all good.
Went to use the car again, got to the end of the driveway and same thing happened again!

The slave piston appears to be going too far. What could be the cause?

The rod pushed only about 1cm into the slave when I installed it.

Please give me a hand. The sun is out (in New Zealand) and the roof is down. Me wanna driiiiiive!!!!

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BigT_DK wrote:
Silly question but did you put the slave on the correct side of the mounting bracket?

^^^+1  It's supposed to go on the stupid side - ie the one that needs the pipe taking off to fit it.  Could just lengthen the push-rod.... my saloon has an adjustable one from the PO.

....and which hole in the operating arm is the slave pushrod attached to?  Bottom one gives lightest clutch but needs longest travel from the slave (and your leg).  Not sure which it's meant to be on a Stag.....


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Good to hear it was something simple. When this happened to me many years ago it was the pin that secures the clutch fork to the cross-shaft that had snapped. Gearbox out job.....  :(

No such problem with the auto..............  ;D


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