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Bell housing oil seal


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Hi, appreciate any help, I am building my 68 gt6 and am about to reattach the gearbox to the engine, I have cleared out the old bell housing oil seal( using a blow torch to burn the bugger out) but now the new one is a problem, I can't find anywhere that tells me which way up it should go, or if it even matters, and it doesn't seem to fit in the hole in my oil seal housing??? Does it need driving into place, or do I have the wrong size, I would say that the diameter is approx 1 MM too big meaning it won't sit in the hole.

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First have you removed the metal rim of the old seal, if you burnt out what should be a simple
tap it out operation you may have some residual junk still left  in the bore

you can tap the front cover out of the clutch hsg its a seperate part which is again a light tap it in fit

the lip on the seal must face the oil side ,


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Hi thanks Pete

You were right the metal rim was still in place, the replacement I have is a nylon seal so I didn't realise the metal was part of the old seal, I thought it was part of the bell housing!

I have fitted the new seal, can you confirm is this the right way up?

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