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Smiths Oil/Water gauge removal?


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Hi there,

I've been trying to remove the centre of the dash on my spitfire 1500 today. All went Ok until I cane to the Oil/Water gauge.

The gauge is obviously non standard and is of this type:

There are essentially three connector on the back. oil, water and lamp. The lamp just pulls out, and the oil seems to just unbolt, but I cannot see a way of getting the water temperature feed disconnected. The connector looks like this:

It doesn't seem to push in or screw in, although I am reluctant to pull/twist too hard untill I know how it should come out. I have screwed back the cover (on the photo) but cannot move the main cable. It looks like it might be welded on, but that can't be right! Can it? Anyone fitted one of these and know how it is supposed to be?

Any ideas?


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cliftyhanger wrote:
Do not try to remove the water tube from the gauge. It is sealed, it it gets damaged it will no longer work.
You need to undo the temperature sender end and feed the tube carefully back through the he car.

Ah - that explains it. Bit of a pain, but not insurmountable!

I assume the oil one is ok to disconnect?

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cliftyhanger wrote:
Yep, just undo the oil. Don't start the engine with it disconnected, you will get covered in oil.

Great - now done it and the dash is completely off. Connected the oil pressure feed straight back on (so I don't forget what goes where) so shouldn't have a problem. Not that I intend to start it, but you never know.

cliftyhanger wrote:
You need to remove the t-piece from the block, and pop the original pressure sender back on.

Sorry, I don't follow. Will I need to do this when I reconnect it all?

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