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No clutch and a nice puddle

Mark E

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Hi all,
Went to the car today and soft clutch pedal and a big pool of fluid on the garage floor. It's the slave that's given up the ghost. I've got the gearbox cover off and wondering whether to replace or rebuild. Rebuild with new seals looks fairly straightforward but two questions...

1 - Any particular  issues or tips going down the rebuild route?
2 - Is there an easy way to identify if the slave is 1" or 7/8"? Paddocks list seal kits for both.


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This is an operation that is done more often than you'd think, but it's not a big deal.
I'd say:  If it's your first one, replace.
You keep the old one, dismantle it, clean it up, & put it in a box.

The next time it goes, you rebuild the old one that was taken out, then swap it back in, keeping the other as before.

It goes a little easier & faster, & keeps the car from being stationary as long.  You don't get a sudden surprise like discovering that the cylinder is badly scored, or a piece is missing, etc., that will hold you up longer.

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Thanks Bill,
Have pulled it apart and the bore does look a little corroded so I think replace is the way forward. It's a 1" bore so have just ordered a new one, along with some other bits... well while they're posting stuff to me anyway it would be rude not too  :)

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