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Clutch Master Cylinder - Huh?

don cook1

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Just fitted a kit of new rubbers to this. The kit came with a dust cover that slips over the end of the master cylinder. My manual doesn't show this dust cover and I can't see how either end of the connecting rod can slip over the small hole of the dust cover. The dust cover I took off had a split around the hole so I wonder if that should have been fitted in the first place.

My question is: does the rubber boot act as a dust cover and should I just discard the one sent in the kit?

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Yes, you should fit the dust cover over the end of the cylinder.  Been a while but from memory the shaped gater that (doesn't) fit in to the bulkhead will be loose on it's own as it's designed to seal over the end of the master cylinder+round dust seal, not just direct to the master cylinder.

As for how to slip the round dust seal over the rod - you're just not pushing hard-enough!  It takes a good shove and I think I went clevis end first.  Try dropping the seal in a mug of hot water for a few minutes to make it a bit more flexible.

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