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Clutch release  bearing


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What causes the release bearing to squeal
I fitted a new one two or three weeks ago when I changed the box !
The old one squealed now and then when the pedal was fully depressed by raising the pedal a tiny bit it stopped squealing,which is why I fitted a new one.
The new bearing has been fine,until today after sitting in traffic for a while it's started to squeal once the pedal reaches the halfway point which is before the biteing point so it's squealing when I change gear. I have stopped for a visit at a mates and when I can out all seemed quite, until I nearly got home it's now squealing again.
If its getting hot whould that cause it ?
Can I lube it in any way if it's gone dry ?
Or does the box have to come out AGAIN  :(

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I have the same with both of my cars even though both the release bearings are less than two years old. More crap quality parts I suspect.

I've learned to live with both of them. I cant be arsed to take a gearbox out just for a small part. I'll wait until I destruct one properly and do it then.  :)

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