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What is the WORST modification you have made to your car?

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I see the request for the best modification has thrown up some interesting ideal (I am going to be looking up Fiat Coupe seats) 

But what is the worst modification that you will own up to doing?  

I'll kick this of with removing the paint and polishing up the headlight surround on a 1500 Spitfire. It took me ages to do and it didn't look great so I swapped them back... 

Much better painted 

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Not so much my 'modification' more one I inherited when I picked up a 2.5PI estate from a main dealers Poole in 1978. Travelling up the M3 in the dark, couldn't work out what the noise was from the rear axle above about 55 mph, pulled in the services at Fleet so I could get some light and found out that the rear tyres were remoulds and they had begun to delaminate. Needless to say I carried on at a very much reduced rate and then spent Saturday finding a complete set of new tyres!

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1 hour ago, Batch said:

begun to delaminate

Funnily enough, the only car of mine that's ever had a tyre delaminate was a 2.5PI estate, and it was a rear, and in the dark, and the only thing I really noticed was a weird noise. I was on the A14 and not that far from home, so just carried on, then checked in the morning to find a large patch of the tread just missing.

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Not my mod but a housemate cut a hole in the hood/bonnet of his '67 Mustang. I think to make space for new, bigger motor.

Somehow during this they must have weakened/damaged the front catch as the hood decided to flip up on the highway ... luckily thanks to the hole he could keep going!


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Not a Triumph I’m afraid but in my youth my brother and myself had a bond bug, we visited friends in Warwickshire near Gaydon and decided to cut out a ‘sunroof’ basically we cut a square panel out of the roof,  went for a mad drive through the fields at the back of the house drove through a fresh cow pat in the grass — 

i am sure  you can guess the rest 😝 yep it splashed up straight into the newly cut hole in the roof 😂😂

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