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Facelift Mk2 cold start ignition circuit .


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According to the blue book Dave it is a wire which starts off as white from the fuse which also feeds the main lights (not the fuse that feeds indicators, interior lights etc). It turns to a pink with white in the loom and splices into the white with yellow cable which connects to the positive on the coil.

I would remove the white cable at the fuse which doesn't power the lights or the roundel warning light cluster (the third white cable on this fuse), isolate the end from touching anything and run a fresh cable from the fuse (on the spade just vacated) to feed the coil. You may find that the original white with yellow cable may still have 12v as it is from the solenoid on the starter anyway.


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DJB_Harvey wrote:
Anybody know where the resistor wire is on a Mk2 facelift and can it be by-passed easily ? Got an S  that's going to be fitted with a 123 Dizzy so need a 12 Volt feed to the new coil ( DLB 105 ) Thanks .

Are you slacking?................ ;)

Thought you would have known this mate.

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