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Castle Coombe Track day: £60.00


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Taken from the TR Register forum, and open to CT members:

Date: 29/04/2014.

We've managed to do a deal with the circuit and are able to offer this event to you for a meagre £60 / car plus £10 per additional driver / passenger.  If you can find another day at Castle Combe for less than twice this amount I'd be very surprised.

Book now on the TR Register shop.

It'll be first come, first served as we hope this one will sell out.

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I wanted to use the Quantum as we have at Goodwood for the last 3 CT do's.

The daughter wanted to come too but they said that it was only for Triumphs and refused our booking.
Strange but we were Register members from 1979 to 1985 and have owned TR4/4A and TR5.

Nice if they did change their minds Tom.


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TRTOM2498 wrote:
Hi Tim,


Hi Jon,

With regret, they are only looking for Triumphs here.

I did try for you, so sorry about that.

Be good to see you all the same.


Thanks for trying Tom it would be great to see you again however holidays are at a premium so we wont be going but enjoy yourself and try not to rock the other TR's as you pass ;D

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Hi All,

Great to see the CT members driving their cars in anger. !

As per Neil, shame about the rain in the AM, but thankfully it dried out in the PM, so we could pick up the pace.

Great day out, and good to see a good turn out of cars.

Look forward to the next one.


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My only complaint, was the limit on the number of cars on the track at anyone time.

I and others felt that six was too low.

I would have thought that Castle Coombe could have accomodated simultaneously twelve cars quite easily.

Great day ;D , but not enough track time  :'(

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