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Hi all
I have a GT6 Mk2 and Spit Mk3 that need restoring at some point, GT6 is on the road, Spitfire is a basket case I was thinking of starting to buy the necessary panels now. Realistically  I wont start on either for a couple of years, still working on the Vitesse and an MX5 turbo project. Four years agoI bought a new rear wing which I fitted to the Gt6 mk2, checked the receipt and I paid £125 looking today all the traders are asking £200. All panel prices have gone up an a lot it seems. Any suggestions where I should buy from? I want British motor Heritage panels apparently they are as per Original and are meant to fit, what do you all think?. Any advice appreciated.


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Try the usual suspects.
Canley classics, james paddock and rimmers.

If buying a number of panels at once, get them to give you a best price.

Alternatively, trawl the autojumbles. In your situation, make a list (ouch) and go to stoneleigh next feb/march and see what you can find. Unused panels seem to sell around 2/3 new price.

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Thanks they are the places I have been getting quotes from with the addition of Fitchetts. Rear valance has just gone up £20.00 to £105.00 this month at Fitchetts, new batch and apparently steel price increase is the cause. They produce their own GT6 Mk2 front wing from original tooling has anyone fitted these? I am wondering what the fit is like compared to the Heritage ones.



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With an early spitfire (and 'ditto' gt6) outer front/rear wings are OE and new rear valance a very good copy (not like the old ones, so worth the money IMHO).
You can only buy repo panels for floors and inner/middle sills.
Outer sills available as repro and OE, avoid repro at all costs!

Rear inner arches are copy's - outer part not very good. Front ones: For inner, only mk4/1500 available, but will fit. Outer (up to wings) are hand made reproductions.

Usual suspects, try james paddock, canley etc.

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