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Spitfire steering rack replacement


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Ok I've spent the best part of 4 hours on this simple looking task but I've come up with two questions.

How much play are you supposed to have in the jiggle plate? I can wiggle it and make it twist about 1-2mm with my fingers?!

Secondly how on earth do people get the spline joints back together?! They just dont seem to  want to go further that half way! I cant get the force to push them together because of where they are!

Any experience appreciated.

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Job done. I found I was using the wrong lubricant. Wd40 doesn't work, as soon as I took your advice and switched to grease it went on with a light tap. How do you adjust the column length though? I ended up grinding the mountney steering boss to make it all fit right as it was scraping the dash.

All worked out ok now but would have been handy to know.

For those attempting this job I  would advise a ball joint seperator and grease would have reduced 5 hours to about 1.

P.s. By the jiggle plate I mean the little disk in the uj that soaks up vibrations, but with the steering all back together and 4 wheel alignment done she feels fantastic so I'll assume it's about right :)

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