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steering knuckle


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I know there has been prior discussion, but I can't seem to find the thread.

What is your experience with the resulting steering feel when replacing a steering knuckle with a full metal vs. a rubber bushed part.

I imagine the feel will be very direct without the rubber, but could it be overly direct?  My car is a cruiser, not a racer.

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not an issue at all. I have always used the alloy rack mounts, and for the past 10 years a uj type knuckle. No slop, no messing, the steering wheel just feels like it does what it is supposed to

The UJ joints are sold over here as (ford) escort steering joints as well as Triumph parts, so that may make them more available over on your side.


and the forged version which may be a bit too big, but I use one on my spitfire

over here about the same price from triumphists.

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I replaced my rubber bushed U/J with the solid bearing type and noticed a massive difference, no 'Hollywood' style consant correction when cruising and much more sporty feel round the twisty bits.

My bushes were shot and beyond repair and the solid type was alot cheaper so thats what it got,  but i would imagine the new rubber bushed type would have a nice tight comfort feel but will eventually wear out, shame there is no poly bush replacement for them??    (think)

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uksnatcher wrote:
, shame there is no poly bush replacement for them??    (think)

There is (or was) I bult one but you need one of the rare early ones that will come part. It has bolts and locking wire. The polybushes I got from Witor. That ended up on my herald estate, still perfect after about 10 years service, and probably still fine (sold 3 or 4 years ago)

New repro std joints are pants, the rubber just doesn't last.

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I'll second, or fourth, or whatever, what everyone else has said. My Herald has solid rack mounts and a UJ from Rarebits, and there's zero play in the steering wheel. However, even with a wooden steering wheel rim the steering doesn't feel harsh, just beautifully direct. My GT6 is being built the same way.

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