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Last week I cleaned my steering rack of grease and the steering rack gaiters of grease. I removed the rust and painted the centre section and the threaded rods for the TRE's. Today I filled the gaitors with grease ( is it possible to overfill? I put quite a lot in one of them)  then slid them onto the steering rack. However after ordering a 1/4 BSP grease nipple and getting it today to find it didn't fit I havn't been able to actually put new grease into the main body of the steering rack. What I'm wondering is, what size is the grease nipple I need and when I do go putting new grease into the steering rack will I need to pull back the steering gaiter to clean up the old grease as it's pumped out?

Any helps appreciated,

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Grease in the gaiters will be enough for the ends, I only put a smear on the rod itself as otherwise getting the gaiters on with the engine etc in situ would be impossible. It was already an absolute nightmare with a minimal amount of grease and they only just fit with a lot of stretching and swearing. Your gaiters look rather large in comparison to mine, but I guess as long as they don't rub on anything it's perfectly fine.

I believe the grease nipple mostly lets you add grease to the internal workings (the cogs for lack of a better term) with excess eventually coming out the ends with the gaiters on.

But as with anything, as long as it's lubed and moving freely it's fine. You don't need to put a bucket full in there.

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Thanks Mike,
The gaiters are the original ones and were pretty packed with grease when I removed them. They dont rub or, when on full lock, bulge with the amount of grease in them so fingers crossed they'll be alright.

I've put a couple of proper clamps onto the steering gaiters now so it doesn't move about like it did with the zip ties.

It was also the messiest job i've ever had on the spit so far, was covered with grease!

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