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GT6 Driveshafts

Derek Hunt

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Hi all.

I've just joined the club, but I've had my GT6 MK111 for over 30 years. The last 20 odd in bits in a shed. Now starting the full restoration, with many improvements along the way.The chassis is now fully stripped and heading off to the powder coaters and I'm staring to plan the rebuild. One of the first things I want to get straight in my head is what is the best option for driveshafts to replace to rotoflexes ? I would like to avoid the very expensive off the shelf options, and as I own and run a small engineering business I'm happy to make something up. Having said that, I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there is a tried and tested setup out there. All your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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There is a commercially available version that uses a Triumph 1500fwd CV joint. This still requires shimming the rear hub.

there is the equally well engineered Jones/Bowler version that uses a pair of Rover 100 or Metro drive shafts, both the same side. This requires the rear upright machining.

the Jones mentioned is a CT member and still posts here.

lots of info if you search online.

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I had Nicks setup on my car.

The tricky thing is to find the volvo cv's and also the correct rover 100 shafts, not as common (understatement) as they once were. But you should eventually locate some. The setup works really well, I eventually went the whole hog and fitted a subaru diff and CV's (the rover shafts fit) but retain the rotoflex uprights and MGF/metro bearing.  

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Ok, excellent, thanks.

Looks like I need to try and contact Nick then for the full rundown - any suggestions how ?!

I'm glad someone mentioned diffs, I have the 3:63 out of mine that I would like to get checked over - any recommendations ?


Thanks all.

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