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What cam for a PI

Richard B

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I am planning on building an engine for the MkI PI. This will be an interim engine until the OE engine is rebuilt.

What cam should I go for? This is a manual PI road car driven as an everyday vehicle.

I do not want silly power, nor excessivly poor mpg. I'd like to keep it to 20 - 25 mpg.

I have a choice of the existing 132bhp MU or a KMI boxed 150bhp MU.

I do have an option of a 6-3-1, but was planning on that going somewhere else. Also I need a fairly easy setup, as the car has to be ready in February for a wedding and I have a load of other jobs to do on other cars.

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Go for a standard TR5/Early TR6 setup (possibly minus the TR6 manifiold) using your 150 MU

Everything is standard, and by the book.

Easy to acheive and it will work out of the box. Save the time and money for the rebuilt engine.

If you want to get it spot on then a TR6 mainfold and front pipe will need adapting.

Someone really needs to investigate a run of front pipes for saloons, ther must be a market for them.



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