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Recommendation for workshop manual Spitfire MK3?


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Just my two cents worth but I'm not sure there is a "best" one, it just depends on your needs and experience at the time.

At 18 and with no experience I started off with the original BL workshop manual - it was way too complex for my needs, so I bought a Haynes which was nice and simple.

I then crashed and rebuilt my car - again using the Haynes. Same with the first engine rebuild - Haynes proved best with occasional referrals to the BL W/S and parts manuals. It wasn't until I started having issues with an OD that the workshop manual came into it's own. Many years on and I work on all sorts of modern and classic cars and hardly ever refer to a manual, but I'm glad I've got them there if I need them.

So personally I wouldn't be without either the BL parts, W/S manual or the Haynes - the Haynes for quick reference, and the BL stuff if you need to do something with a more obscure component. Although I'm starting to realise that  even the original BL stuff (especially their parts diagrams) is inaccurate....see another thread on this forum.

The parts stuff is useful and much is available to download as a PDF on the web, just do a search.

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