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Restoration Order

Will It Ever Run Again

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Hiya all.

I'm shortly putting a long term project back together. The chassis is done, the engine will be sorted (by someone else), gearbox and diff OK, new suspension, new wiring loom, new brakes, new interior. I'm just asking for advice on the order I should put things back together. I assume it should be something like this:

Suspension, diff and brakes (incl. new brake lines) back onto chassis

Engine and gearbox onto chassis

Body on

Wiring loom in

Doors, glass, lights, dash, chrome, seats etc.

Any advice re things I must do before doing something else, appreciated.



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As Colin says, do everything you can on a bare chassis, because it's all much harder later. The one I forgot (and then regretted) on mine was the rear handbrake cable - you can't do the front part as the relay lever is on the body (although fitting that and the front cable before you put the body back down is sensible) but the rear is a real pain in situ.

When you fit the brake pipes, do the long fuel pipe too.

There's something to be said for leaving the bonnet until a little later - get all the engine bay wiring, plumbing, etc. done first.

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