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the oily rag approach

daver clasper

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After 4 years of ownership of car driven all year round, that I think was much more polished than driven, my paintwork has mellowed to a less shiny finish which I like.

I would like to protect the paint, without making it very shiny.

Any issues with rubbing engine oil onto paintwork (like they do on old trucks, landly's and cars even older than mine) please?.

Any advice great, thanks.


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The two things that come to mind for me are if your not using your car  keep it parked out of the sun ie under a car port and give it a good coat of wax also wash it dry to get rid of all the pollutants

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Quoted from JohnD
Oil will attract dirt and dust, exactly what you don't want.

Agreed.  Never heard of use of oil rubbed onto Land Rover paintwork ........... and I have had a few .....

No, I just keep a car washed using an ordinary wax free wash additive, currently Simoniz car shampoo which I bought cheap on special offer.
That is all Woody gets, though when I have managed to remove all the stickers the old girl may have to be treated to a bit of a polish!


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