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Herald Vitesse rear spring


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It's finally time to get the Herald project going again, all the electrics are now ordered.
Wondering if something like this would fit:


Anyone ever fitted 15inch to a Herald/Vitesse/spitfire with /70 or /80 tyres on them?

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Well not much progress on the Herald...much work has gone in the Jaguar MK2 and respray of the Spitfire after my brother got to close to another car...

After fitting the suspension we did a bit more work on the wiring, which is now almost finished. The Coupe is now at the welder who is repairing the passenger door, part of the chassis and a small part of the wheelarch.
Did a bit of driving. Still pinking a lot, so back to the rolling road after the welding is completed, to adjust the tming.

Will it ever be finished...probably not :) still it sounds mean as hell! and is pretty fast (scarry!)

Some videos of the car:


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Just found this thread, that is some nice work you have done on the car, looking very nice.  :)

How comfortable are those seats? (what's the company name who make them) I like the look of old style race seats but with the head rest! Would they also fit a spitfire?

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