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185/60 13 Tyres, Which Brand to Choose?


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I need to take my spare wheel to the bodyshop so they can fit my wheel bracket in the right place

So, whilst they've got my wheels we're going to refurbish them and get some tyres fitted

The question is, which brand should I go for?

I'll be fitting 185/60 13 and wondered what brands people have tried

So far my reading is leading me towards Yokohama A539, followed by Toyo R888

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I guess you want super sticky tyres then  :)

I can highly recommend Yokohama A021 (same compound as A048 ):

You wont go wrong with Yoko A048 or Toyo 888 either, all 3 have a softer compound than the A539

A539 still appear available online here:

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Like Chris says I love my Toyo 888's in the dry they are fantastic  8) 8) 8)        Stick like poo to a blanket ;)

I am also amazed that they are fantastic in damp/greasy conditions, obviously not as grippy as in the dry but predictable and in my opinion safe. (a little common sense required but not much  ;) )

The only time they struggle is in deep standing water they will aquaplane but IMHO no more than your average road tyre. Once you are down to 2mm tread depth they are interesting to say the least in a downpour (as is any other tyre if you are pressing on)

Got to admit they are not at ther best in ice and snow (but very interesting) probably a bit like fitting 155 13" ditchfinders on a Porsche 911!!!

The main thing to be aware of is that they have a very stiff sidewall and do give a very harsh ride but if you can get over that the fun to be had is amazing (the straight bits are only there to connect up the corners afterall  :) )

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