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tyres for wheels o yeah gt6 mk1


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hi guys...

have taken some superb advice from internet and forums.. BUT am just wondering if anyone has tried this set up on 13" 5.5j wheels..

185 60 front

205 60 rear

the former is the adivsed one BUT i'm dying to try this....

any advice / ideas???

get wider wheels??!?!  (any around OTHER than minilites which i hate?!)


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I wouldnt go wider than the 185's!

not a lot of choice for the mk1! revs look ok on the darker cars.

wide steels look good!, but finding em ??  :-/

why you want to try that wide a tyre? after your fun sorting the rubbing on the blue one??  ya nutter!! :)

Roy ( with "hated"minilights :X)

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205!? surely you'll have a job keeping traction in the wet at the back with that: given these cars are well known for their propensity to loose the back under under power through corners(been there done that :X). You'd also have to ensure the entire set-up(front A/R bar, new dampers/springs/bushes all round etc) would have to be very carefully selected and put together? :-/

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After a recent high speed drive home on the highway I was very happy with my setup.

I did have to worry about huge Triumph swallowing puddles, but I never had any control or traction issues and trust me, I was move it :)

195/50-15 tires.


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