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Wolfrace wheels.


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My DSL is down at home, so no pix today.

I'm just too used to my 50 series now on the 15" wheel.

When I work on my friend's Spit with 155/80-13 I can't help but giggle. So narrow.

;) Still fawn memories of sliding the tail around a few intersections around home.


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LaurentGT6+ wrote:
Mine with 175/70 R13

I like it.

Poking around some of the forums for them young kids with new cars that mod them, I've seen several that are moving away from rubber band around the wheels skinny tires just for the look of big, meaty tires.  Works for some, depending on what else they've done.

I can't remember what size are on mine.  The old size is burned into my memory & won't be displaced:  165 SR 13.

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Boy I don't know Andre, those 13's don't look too bad to me, maybe I'm just old school but the 13's just look "right" IMO. Either way you can't go wrong!  ;D

Did you measure the diameter and compare to the 15's? Doesn't look like you picked up much clearance from the pics??? If the diameter is fairly close wouldn't it make sense to use the 15's for competition (less sidewall flex, quicker transition) and run the 13's on the street (more flex, bigger volume of air for comfort on the potholes)

I imagine the 13's are a lighter package though? Be interesting to see a weight comparison.

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