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Wheels for Spitfire / GT6


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I'm in the process of fitting Dolly wheels to a Spitfire too (and have been for about 4 years now - I'll get around to it one day!) and the advice I was given by Jigsaw was longer studs and 5mm spacers all-round - both of which they sell.

The Jigsaw studs are slightly over-sized though and need to be pressed in off-car (pulling through with a wheel nut WON'T work) and take the early Sprint wheel nuts (same 3/8" thread as Spitfire studs).

I've since changed tack (several times!) and will be using some Ford studs that take the late Sprint wheel nuts (a more meaty 7/16" thread).

I'm also on the lookout for someone who cam make up some spacers for me.  Standard Sptifire wheels are lug centric (tightening wheel nuts actually centres the wheel on the hub) but Sprint alloys are hub centric (wheel is centred on a raised section around the centre of the hub).

Plain spacers will be safe enough but the best solution is a set of hub centric spacers - as well as being Xmm thick they have the correct central protrusion to centre the wheel on.

Anyone got a lathe and some thick alloy bar...?

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Coincidently I placed a call to Jigsaw this morning. I'm waiting for them to call back.

Jigsaw are quite local - I live near Stamord, Lincs.

I have the 3/8th dolly nuts that fit the standard spit studs.  Don't like the idea of having to press the studs in off the car though - won't that require pulling the hub off and the need for an extractor?

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Ok I looked at a spare standard MkIV/early 1500 steel wheel & can confirm it has 4.5x13x.88 stamped on it. 0.88"=22.4mm. I measured the offset as 23mm so given I was only using rulers I can safely say the correct figure is 22.4mm.

I'd be surprised if the early cars were different since the suspension design did not change.

The trouble with websites such as the one quoted earlier is they probably copied the figures from another incorrect website.  ;D

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just looked at mine and 0.88 - thanks for your knowledge.  

i have also confirmed i have type 16P callipers on the front, so need to get my reconditioned spitfire ones changed along with the discs and pads.............

spoke to jigsaw earlier ragrding the wheels and i have to say very helpful - much more so than some i could mention!

they say 10mm rear spacer and 5mm front with extended the extended studs they do.  I'll pick them up saturday morning and report back, they say the studs can be fitted on the car so we'll see.

chees all


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Slimboyfat wrote:

The UJ's are now made abroad, Minworth GKN box them up in nice green 'Hardy Spicer' packaging.

Fair enough - I guess its just too expensive to manufacture in this country nowadays! I know they still make CV joints, refurb overdrives and build propshafts there though because I went there about a year ago to see a propshaft being made!

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