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Priming Oil Pump


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On a Triumph 4cyl engine, sitting upright, I think I can prime the oil pump by taking the pressure relief valve/plunger out and introducing oil through the hole, which leads into the top of the pump? Can someone confirm?

I didn't pack the pump with petroleum jelly when assembling it as I'm not convinced it would melt/dissolve enough with cold oil passing through the system as I prime the engine with a drill down the dizzy hole before first start up.

I did fill the pump with oil when I fitted it but the engine has been rolled over a few times on its stand during the last few days and I reckon it's all drained out by now.


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Thanks gents.  I know that the over-pressure position of the valve plunger dumps oil straight back into the sump, but it was not easy to see if the bottom passage comes direct from the pump or not without taking it all apart again.

Hi Wim - yes, I've used an anti-clockwise spinning screwdriver end in a drill to pressurize the system before and it works well, but not so well initially if there is not at least a some oil in the  pump to start with. Once you get some pressure, with cold oil, it certainly puts a surprisingly large load on the drill.  The cam chain must groan a bit when that happens in use.

As an aside, the oil pump must surely put the most load on the cam's drivetrain, much more than the cam/rockers/springs and distributor combined.

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I used the drill to prime my GT6 after the rebuild, yes it loads the drill at least you get oil around the system, refitted dizzy then I still spun it over with the starter and no plugs in just to make sure, and no rocker cover on, quick check on valves, rocker cover on and fire it up, never looked back 

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