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Spitfire quarterlights


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It's not an overly difficult job. The door frames are the same on all but the earliest Spitfires (essentially the factory commonised them when the GT6 went into production) so you only need the internals. However, that does mean you need to source:

  • A pair of GT6 quarterlight frames
  • A pair of GT6 quarterlights
  • A pair of GT6 windows
  • A pair of GT6 weatherstrip sets (inner and outer)
  • A pair of GT6 winder assemblies (at least parts of them)

You'll almost certainly also need to replace a load of fixings (bolts, clips, etc.)
The job involves dismantling the door fairly completely and reassembling with all these new bits. I think the lock and catch can stay in place but the release linkage from the internal handle might get in your way. Get a copy of the BL workshop manual - it covers the process reasonably well.

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Ohh ye no want to doo that,
it,ll leak in

it,ll rattle

Err indors will break her nails trying to open quarter light catch

cant get the glass channel any moer, most OE ones will be rotten thru
then glass falls oot

it dont look right on a Spitty,

the quarter light limits vision to the side

the little rubber bit at top of channel will be missing, rocking horse doo doo they are.

prob some moer I cant recall as yet, no doubt some one will have some moer ideas.

nope, better off with oot them
And as a + for the GT owners,
there be moer left to go round for folk woe have a GT.  :P ;)


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Richard_B wrote:
But on the plus side in a Spitfire with quarterlights over 70mph, the window wont bow out due to air pressure.

Probably explains why the came about on the GT6 actually?  :-/

Yes, indeed. The bowing out is far more noticeable when the hardtop's on - or in a coupe - which I understand was exactly the reason the factory added quarterlights on the GT6.

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