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Fuel injection


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Planning to fit fuel injection to a small bearing 1360 engine seen the cfi system that bolts directly to su carbs 

Question would it be best to keep to hs2, s 

Or is possible, more power with hs4, s 

Or is there any other system, s people have fitted 

The cfi system is 1500 all in 




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My concerns are that the system is built to be simple to fit, and so the advantages of injection are very compromised. 

The timing is taken from the distributor, but from a crank mounted toothed wheel is much more accurate.

The injectors are not in a great position

I am unsure how it can be totally self-tuning. Fuelling they will have a basemap (a rough approximation) and then the fuelling can keep adjusting and learning while driving. However, I can't see how timing adjusts itself.

In terms of costs it seems quite good, but you are using much of what you have (with the compromises) No reason to suspect reliability of the setup. But I would want to speak to the supplier to check how accurate the fuelling self learns and retunes itself, or does it rely on the wideband control to constantly compensate, there is a big difference (ideally the fuelling wants to be very accurate, so only small compensation is required)

You may be well advised to speak to somebody who has the system fitted.

As to carb size, I don't see any more power being produced than on carbs, so no need to change. In fact I wonder if a single 1 1/2 or even 1 3/4" su on a dolomite 1300 manifold may be a better choice? (that won't work with a 1500 exhaust manifold, but will with 13/60 or 4 branch manifold)

If you wanted proper injection, it would involve swapping the inlet manifold and fitting either a single or individual throttle bodies (jenvey or similar) then an ecu, toothed timing wheel attached to front pulley and a sensor or that. And ecu required, fuel pump and so on. Costs would exceed this kit, but be a potentially better setup. A fair bit more work though.

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I had a look last night and I don't have confidence. 


It lists it as "premium" for the spitfire, but no non-premium version or details on what the premium parts are? It all seems lacking on details for whatever reason. I get the impression it's a pre-built kit which will do some cars in an ok way, rather than a bespoke kit which will work brilliantly. I mean, no proper detailed photos for a £1500 product? I honestly don't see it being any easier or more simple than doing your own thing. Certainly many of the skills required to do it yourself will be needed here - wiring, welding, diagnostics, etc. You're paying a lot of money for the sales pitch suggesting you'll have an easy life for mediocre results. 


And the cost... I bought, insured and taxed an MX5. Then fitted a new clutch and took it to Belgium a week later. It was then used to power the Herald and gave me near 100% extra horsepower. Accounting for every nut and bolt as well, I think it cost around £1200. Yep, no labour charges included as I did it myself, and no it isn't for everyone. But it puts that kit into perspective.


You'll have so much more hassle, inconvenience,  headaches, gained knowledge, satisfaction and enjoyment going down a more homebrew route.

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