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Oil and service


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hi everyone,

Haven't been on here in a while due to work!

Just have a couple of questions,

What oil do I need to get for my mk4 1300 spit?

An also can anyone recommend a good garage in London or a good mechanic that can service my spit and just have a good look over it to see if anything needs doing?

I am worried about some garages taking advantage of my lack of knowledge,

Hope everyone is good!

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Oil, easy, a good 20/50, or I have had good experiences with Comma Europa which is a 15/50 oil (has a fair spec and claims to have good levels of the additives our cars need)

Where abouts in London?? there are a couple of known Triumph gargaes, Pictons, Mooredales but they may be a fair way away?
Alternatively, Adam Chignell is south London, sort of travelling mechanic who also works (or did) at a resto company.
There are others, I just don'y know of them!
Actually, your best bet is to visit an area meeting of Triumph owners. See what they say, it is only a smallish proportion who visit this forum, so you will get a wider opinion from a meeting.

Where are you??

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Hi, contact your local area contact and im sure he will know someone who knows what they are talking about and do the service for about £15 an hour. Id recommend either 20/50 VR1 Valvoline (expensive but worth it £30). Or Penrite 20/50. Both are the best oils and cost a little more but you can instantly tell the difference and you car will run better.

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