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Oil cooler for 1500 ?


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I haven't yet got it home but am already thinking about the 1500 / BW65 autobox conversion for the Herald I'm having later this week.  :)
My 1500 engine is a low mileage (less than 40,000) Dolomite HLS lump what will be stripped down and at least new shells / thrusts fitted.
I've read somewhere that an oil cooler is desirable on the 1500 engine.
Is this correct ?
My useage is going to just been normal fun motoring (I'm early retired) with no competition or regular high speeds.
I've already got a brand new oil cooler left over from another project and fitting one isn't a problem if recommended.


Paul Humphries.

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Wouldn't bother myself. Especially if no motorway or other high speed stuff involved. Just use quality bearings (not cheapo county ones) and decent oil. Jobs a good un.
May be worth a decent rad, either high performance full width or pug 205/golf type.

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I'm going to disagree on the oil cooler question.  IMO, the 1500 engine is the one Triumph lump that does benefit from a cooler even when in fairly standard form.  (I base this on about 40,000 miles hard use in a Herald with a number of bearing changes).  Fit a small cooler (13 row) WITH an oilstat.  This is especially true if you don't have overdrive and expect to go out on the open road from time to time as the 1500 heats its oil once the revs are up.  In fact, if planning a Herald 1500 conversion without overdrive (or with an autobox if you can make it fit), you REALLY need to change the diff for to a 3.63:1 as the 1500 does not spin happily at 4000 rpm all day like the 1200 and 1300 engines and a 4.11 diff means 70mph = 4000rpm (possibly more with an auto).

The Coutry Tri-metal bearings bearings are likely to be the best you can find these days unfortunately.  If the existing bearings are the original Vandervell and not through to the copper I'd leave them in - not very likely in a 1500 though even at 40K.


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willcolumbine wrote:
If the last set I bought are anything to go by, the County tri metal bearings are in fact King tri metal bearings rebadged as County.

As far as I am aware, all County bearings are made by King. Used to be a bit of a joke that so many people would tell you to avoid County bearings at all costs, and to fit the King branded bearings instead.

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I dont think the oil cooler is neccesary to be honest. Like someone said, if you have a properly functioning cooling system and classic oil you wont have a problem.

While I'm disagreeing ;) I'd also say that the 1500 runs perfectly well at 4000rpm in terms of long drives and with more power to give.

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