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Mk1 PI Choke cables


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You know how it is, you see something that's wrong and you just have to fix it, no matter that it's not that important but you just can't rest!
So, Mk1 PIs has a twin wire choke cable and a round choke knob, one wire goes to the excess fuel lever on the metering unit, the other to the throttle - it's not really a choke at all but it's used in the same way. You can get away with just having a single wire connected to the metering unit and when you start the car you just give a little pressure on the throttle pedal.
Anyhoo - I need a twin wire cable BUT they aren't available anymore so what else fits? There aren't many cables with the correct knob and two wires but a Stag cable comes close as does a TR6 etc.

So I have a few questions

    <li>Will a Stag cable fit and work?
    What have other Mk1 owners managed to make fit and work?
    What are the critical dimensions?
    </li> </ul>

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    If you have an original knob (Ow err missus), these guys might be able to replace the cables. They did a similar execise on a Triumph 2000 MkII with a broken cable.

    Speedy Cables Ltd
    SA9 1SQ (Road Map)
    West Glamorgan

    Tel: 01639 732213
    Fax: 01639 732238

    Their website seems to be down at present.

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    a mk2 knob will pop off the dashboard end - have you tried to see if a mk1 knob will pop back on?  There are two different mk2 cables (early and late) - both the same to the mu but early longer than late at the inlet end

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    I've got the remnants of what I think is a Mk2 cable - the dash end with the Y piece in, I've also got a standard Mk2 non-PI dash end and knob that is not connected to anything in the engine bay at the moment - I haven't examined it to see if the knob is detachable.

    I will resist the temptation for a knob gag.........must.....resist.......

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    Thanks Caroline, can you ask him as the Stag ones I;ve seen are like £45 and I;d hate to spend that on the wrong think!

    Speedycables seem to be technically challenged at the moment, their web site is defunct and their email address is bounces. I've tried the phone but the don't work Friday afternoons!

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    I'll line 'em up you knock 'em down :-)

    Does your choke knob look OK, that is the knob on the end of your choke cable that you see from the driver's seat (I nearly said cockpit then but that would be too much of a gift for you)

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    • 2 weeks later...

    UPDATE on the MK1 PI fuel enrichment cable activation handle quest.

    So far I have bought a Stag cable and a suspected Mk1 PI cable, both look identical.

    I'm working blind here as my only reference is a Mk1 2000 dash knob - ie I know what one end should look like!

    What I really need is a couple of photos and some dimensions. How long are the two wires? How long are the two outer cables? Is it a conventional multi-core twisted wires type cable or a solid single strand (like a Herald heater cable)?

    Speedy Cables don't respond to emails or contact via their website, I haven't yet found a time that they answer their phone but I'll keep trying - as I have the twin cable housing and the warning light switches, handles etc I should be able to have one made - at what price I don't know.

    The car will not start without choke in the morning, at other times it's a struggle so this is a bit of a pain. The interior is so good I don't really want to compromise on what fuel enrichment cable activation handle is showing on the dash.

    Wow, I got through all that without any knob gags :-)

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