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Clutch release arm pivot pin - missing?


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The bit that should be "inside" here -

Is missing on BOTH my gearboxes - the one I got with an OD didn't have it, so I thought "oh well I'll use the one from the existing box". So this evening I examine the box I've just removed and there isn't one there either!

So what happens to 129410 ? Do they evaporate or something? Is there a reason why neither of my 'boxes have it?

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Well, two possibilities -
The retaining pins used in Land Rover brake pads - a little loose on the sleeve in the release arm, but the shoulder on the end of the pin stops it dropping all the way through.
Second option, found an old bolt with a really long shank, just the right diameter for the sleeve in the arm
So I recon the bolt is the preferred option - with the threaded part cut off it should be about the right length.
Thanks for the reassurance Nick, was beginning to wonder why 0% of the gearboxes I'd encountered had them!

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Use an old valve !
Just grind a flat edge so it sits low down
Not the best of pics but you can just make out the valve head at the top and the stem poking out the bottom.
After telling Dale from moordale motors he said "I've been doing that for years" so it must be ok !

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Here in the States the replacement pin I most recently bought came with a head. Obviously my supplier has had complaints, and found a source for a pin that won't disappear.
I find that the crinkly "tolerance ring" is always broken into bits when I am replacing these parts. I have sleeved the hole in a release arm with stainless steel reamed to size. That will be the one installed when the alloy bellhousing goes in.
                                                                                               All the best,

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