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Is my clutch on the way out.


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When engaging the clutch in 1st gear it really shudders. This only happens when the car is really hot and only in 1st gear. 2nd gear is fine. Has anyone else had similar experience? Is my clutch going or is it something else?
It doesn't happen when the car is cold.
I'm a little concerned as I'm doing the RBBR in two weeks.

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Could even be tired fingers on the pressure plate. How old is it and has it only just started doing it? If it's been like it for ages and the clutch isn't old I'd live with it. If it's old and/or only just started doing it I'd get a replacement kit and swap it out. If you find it still has plenty of meat on it you've got a spare in stock an you're trouble shooting at the same time.

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Mine started to do it very badly just before i needed to do my driving exam at the time  :o
My friend( garage owner & mechanic) said it could be dirt on the friction plate and to drive it a small bit with the clutch pedal just high enough to just grab it..

So that there is a bit of the fraction plate grinding off ..
That worked very well.

Now only very  sometimes my car has it, mostly when cold actually. :)
& i don't know how many miles the clutch has or how old it is ..

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I think the clutch was replaced about 5-6 years ago. Haven't done huge amount of miles since then. approximately 4k a year if that.

I went to Colchester in it last night about 40 mile journey and it juddered in 1st at the end of the journey. Pulled away in 2nd and no juddering.
I drove the car this morning to the station. Only the slightest of juddering if anything. Only felt it really because I was looking for it.

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Sounds like contamination more than anything
As said bad mountings can also contribute, but generally the fail of the rear crank seal can create the contamination
You won`t get is bad or as bad in 2/3/4 as you have the crank/flywheel momentum taking the load
A change can be done  in a couple hours as you don`t have to lift out the  box/bell housing just swivel to one side and undo the flywheel etc  

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