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my spit 2.5 is making a weird noise, it just started this morning.
when the engine is cold, there is a loud noise, similar to slipping fan belt, as the engine warms up it quietens to a lower pitch like a metal lathe sound, sort of hollowing noise. after about 5 mins of the engine idling it is quiet as normal.
if you put even the slightest pressure on the clutch pedal it stops.
i was thinking it may be the release bearing, anyone got any other ideas?

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yes release bearing,  if the noise stops with just a light touch then its likely to be the  bearing skidding on the fingers , can make some loud chirruping squeaks as you describe.
   no easy solution, ]
change it
or make some clearance ( remove spring from inside slave)
or make more contact (fit stronger spring inside slave)


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At least you have an early warning something is a-miss in the clutch area if its just started, you can plan to sort out.
Do it now and its probably just a bearing, a few months down the line and its a clutch assembly needed too as mentioned, the fingers will be shot on the clutch cover, not to mention the anoying noise that will only get worse and lead to clutch failiure.

Is it a high mileage daily runner or a weekend runabout?  Obviously the mileage is a big factor as the release bearing is starting to seize.

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