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missing screws

Alan Armstrong

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I have a project Herald convertible I have started to renovate...re assemble.

Have spent much time tracking down the missing parts,,,mostly sorted now, but most of nuts & bolts have been removed and lost by the previous owner.

I have tracked down the 3 countersunk screws that hold the door lock in place in the door through Canley, but they state they are no longer available.

However they do quote them as No10 UNF c/sunk. I have measured one (from the other door) and its overall 1/2" long.

Can anyone suggest an independent screw/bolt/nut supplier please?



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 I hane change d by screws from tr7 carburettor . the screws is size10 unc 1/2 inch long chesse head . 10 size screws at 0.190 inchs or 4.826mm diameter . 

on 10 unf same 0.190 inch and at32 thread inch .

I got by 10 unc screws from Accu  co.uk they have unf countersunk also 


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17 hours ago, glang said:

Think theyre 1/4 UNF and also available from places like Rimmerbros or ebay...

My screw pitch gauge shows the thread to be UNF, 28 TPI. From the screw dimensions my 'Zeus' shows the screw to be 1/4" x 28 UNF. My screws are 3/4" long on the thread.

Spalding fasteners are good, if you get stuck let me know, I have a spare set you can have for the price of a large letter stamp.

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Even though speciaIist screw stockist could be cheaper I would have thought Alan will be needing quite a few bits so might be best to decide on everything thats needed and put one big order, including all fixings, into a Triumph spares dealer. Thats easiest and should save on postage....

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