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spitfire Mk3 1970 hood frame


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Hi !

I bought a basket case spitty mk3 from 1970, and i just noticed, that the hood frame (not fitted when i purchased the car) is a mkIV frame.
The previous owner told me that he bought it new like that, and never changed the hood frame?

So, is the previous owner has alzheimer, or is it possible for a very very late production MK3?

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two types of Mk3 Spit hood frame - early have catches like herald/vitesse, late Mk3's have hood catches aka MK4 & 1500.

The main difference between Mk3 & Mk4/1500 is the shape around the top rear corners of the door glass - rounded on mk3, square on Mk4/1500

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mk 4 style catches and curved  section for around door glass (obvious when unfolded!) is what you should have ..  . .

Forgot to add if the car has been messed around with, it could have the wrong screen frame fitted - worth checking the header rail & catch configuration you have matches the holes/fixings on your screen frame.

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