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Front valance (807136) - GT6 Mk1 / Spit 4 / Spit Mk2

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I’m looking for a second hand lower front valance for Mk1 GT6, same as Spit 4 and Spit Mk2. Doesn’t matter too much if it’s dinged or rough, I’ll be modifying and respraying it anyway. I specifically don’t want to spend £200 on a new one as I’ll be butchering it a bit. 

Ideally within 100 or so miles of Cheltenham but could arrange a courier. 


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The difference between a Mk1 valance and the Mk2 GT6 / Mk3 Spitfire one is the holes for the bumper irons. It would be possible to make said holes in the later valance but it's not trivial to do it right because they originally had rolled / pressed lips.

The "early MkIV" is the same as the late MkIV and completely different from the earlier ones.

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This is what I have....



The basic panel is in fair shape, the attachment brackets not so much.  Pretty sure there is also one that Chris made but didn't quite finish and probably also the frilly remnant that he was using as a pattern, but I don't have pics of those so will have to hunt them down in person.

Not quite certain where this came from, but was possibly part of Bruce's stash......

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Posted (edited)

Hi Ben, I have a new and unused/undrilled GRP valence for a Mk1/2 Spitfire. It's a Honeybourne Moulding one and still in the wrapper. I bought it a while ago in their sale as a spare for my Mk3, but probably will never use it, as it would need quite a bit of fiddling with to make it fit a Mk3.

If it is of interest I can take some pics and you can see what it looks like.

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6 hours ago, Ben Hutchings said:

Hi, thanks @Guppy916 and @Nick Jones (I really thought I'd replied to this sorry 🤦🏻‍♂️) but yes as Rob says those aren't the same. The Mk1 lower valance wraps right around the front so it quite a bit wider. 

No worries.  I wasn't even really sure what the thing I have is meant to fit and clearly it is wrong for your purpose - but I now know what it is for!


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