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10CR 2017 Photos


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During this year's 10CR Dave & I were photographing many of the other cars on the run including:-

EUY770J     Vitesse
NSU 961     TR2
Lille Start
AR-91-33     TR3
AL-72-88     TR2
DX-02-27     TR2
JFT38N      Stag
VFP 711S     Spitfire
NBL 42L     Spitfire
EJS 219D     Herald
WYE257S     2500TC
MGW388P     2000TC
507MOE     2500 TC
AH-92-27     Spitfire
SPK263F     Herald
DL-46-21     TR4/5
YPW139     Herald
DRW28T     Dolomite
YVD60G     2000 Mk1
GDY391     Acclaim
UEP281S     Spitfire
BFR812L     Dolomite
UUP817K     Toledo
Ellis in a circle
AGM11M     TR6
CVB6H     TR6
LWE893K     Spitfire
MVE888H     2500
BRD253K     Spitfire
FGU280L     TR4/5

Please find below link to access them on GDrive


The shot below is us just having raced the sunset up Stelvio on totally empty roads


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If anyone has any pics which they think are particularly good and would like to see them in the mag please send to me at editor@club.triumph.org.uk all the more so if they are the 'right way round' for a cover shot. I will do my best to get a look at any which have links posted but as you may realise if two dozen people send me dropbox links and each has several hundred pics that's quite some task and a little help in thinning them out would be appreciated.

Ta, Dale

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