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Diff bolt shearing help $$


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Hello, first post great forum you got here.
I have a triumph 2.5s , and recently the bolt sheared in the diff and rattled its way through the gears, and I have needed to replace the diff I bought a new diff but due to lack of equipment I got a local guy to fix it.

the job he has charged me is removing the old diff and replacing the new one, he has charged me 20 hours for the job do you believe this is accpectable, and how long would you think the job should take?

Im thinking if I had the all the gear it would be a 5-4 hour job

any help is greatly appericated

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He seems to be very generous with his time, but then how well was it done?

Welcome to another southerner, please check out Australian & Kiwi contributors thread.   ;)

If it makes you feel any better I just checked my lads truck out because he thought it was crabbing. One look was all it took, got my tape measure out and discovered rear axle is now almost three inches further back on the left hand side!

He is now uncertain if it happened when he cleaned up a Volvo (opened it up like a tin can with the back corner of his tray) OR if it was the truck crabbing that caused him to actually hit the Volvo.  Either way he aint doing a 7 ton load tomorrow!      :-/

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Hi Andy,

I've found my copy of the Standard Triumph Repair Time Schedule booklet for the Triumph 2000.  This gives the time for the job "Differential unit - Replace" as 2.0 hours.

But it does say in the foreword, "These times may not always be applicable to vehicles which have been in service for a considerable time, when unforeseen difficulties such as seized or broken studs, etc., can add considerably to the time required for any operation".

Even so, 20 hours sounds a bit much.  Not a difficult job, just nuts and bolts isn't it?  They must have ALL been seized!?   :-/

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20 hrs !!!!!
Give or take a couple of hours that's 3 days as an average eight hour day
Can't see it myself he could have ground all the seized bolts off with a nail file quicker !
And if he had done that he would have had to use new bolts to put the new diff back in so that would have only taken a short while
Are the bolts all nice and new ?

Has he charged you an hourly rate, or did he quote a set price for the job and he is just trying to tell it was a bitch of a job and you had a result !

Just re read your post,did just change the whole diff unit or did remove the diff unit
then strip it and rebuild it with new gears and things as you said in one bit you got a new diff and in another you say a "a local guy to fix it" and not swap it.
Although it still sounds to many hours !

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Wonder if he did it the hard way and dropped the rear suspension?

Even then should'nt have taken more than 8 hours.

Of course then theres extras; corroded diff pin (hours and hours of fun), new superflex bushes, new front oil seal in nose piece, new nose piece bearing.

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lagerzok wrote:
Couple of hours max I'd say .... unless he was a fool.

14 x 9/16 nuts and bolts - remove exhaust hanger - lower diff - slide off and replace - sorry 20hrs is taking the piss

I agree
Laid on our backs under a jacked up car, splay the suspension arms, undo the mounting bolts, drop down
All in about 2 hours max
To part and repair2 to 3 hours
All in all ,being generous 7 hours max

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Oh, so my estimate of "very generous with his time" seems to be acceptable to the general masses? What I was uncertain of was what had been done exactly . . .  

Assuming the "local guy" had never been near a Triumph before perhaps he was learning as he went OR perhaps he was a perfectionist and diligently set up all clearances correctly while he was at it ("how well it was done")?          

In the end you need to ask yourself if you are happy with the result; if you are and you have already paid for the work there is little recourse now. In future be a little more wary and ask around with other local owners.               ::)


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Hay guys wow thanks everyone

Not sized looked very good nick

I bought a whole new diff all his job was to remove and replace I made that very clear, the bolts on the old one were fine but it looks like where are new ones there

yer charged hourly rate $50

"Standard Triumph Repair Time Schedule booklet for the Triumph 2000"
would I be able to get a copy of that just to slap him in the face with it

yer even if he had never worked on a triumph shorly only 6 hours, I mean really he is ment to be a professional so he should do it the normal way

anyway thanks heaps guys

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1000 of your dollery things,unless that works out to be a couple of hundred English pounds
You have been well ripped off.Just had a look it's about £550.
I would have thought about £200 (400 dollers) would be the max !

Next time pay my for flight and I'll come over and do it for free
it would save you a packet !

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1379 wrote:
I like your train of thought Davemate . I could do with a fare paid holiday in NZ too!

NB Cheaper fom Oz.        ;)

Sod off,I offered first  :P

Andy,choose me(I am useing Jedi thought control ) choose me you know you want to.

Does that sound too desperate ?

Andy on a more serious note
Why not take it back and say its not quite right,at least if he re does the job again(under warranty) you'll feel like you have sort of got your moneys worth as he will have done it twice  ;)

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Meanwhile back with the lad's truck; considered using the porta-power to pump the axle back into place but apparently the owner said it had been doing it for ages and he had been pulling it straight by chaining it to a tree in his back garden! When lad heard that he told him he could come and get it and he'd find some other work. Problem solved.

Which kind of explains that was the reason fior the Volvo getting wiped out(?).        :(

What was the final result AndyNZ with the (no doubt) millionaire master mechanic?      :-/

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