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Ah, I see your point.
Most of the dollies (all?) And the 1500 spit all seem to use a 10000 or whatever it is speedo. The changes to the drive are in the gearbox. Never played, but I believe a variety are available.
I have never had an accurate speedo. I suspect the easiest way to go is to get yours recalibrated. But that is too easy....

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I thought it would be interesting to collate a list - this is what I have gleaned so far:

4.11 - Toledo 1300
3.89 - Dolly 1500?
3.63 - Dolly 1850/TR7 4 speed
3.45 - Dolly Sprint
3.27 - Dolly 1850 Auto.

There must be a few cars missing from that list EG: What has a Toledo 1500 got? - if you can find one..........Do OD and non OD cars have different ratio diffs?

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thanks all who replied, so heres a question thrown in for you, if the speedo gearing is in the gearbox, would it then be possible to fit say a spitfire or dolomite speedo to a gt6 with the gt6 face on it, and retain the later trip meter push button as oposed to the cable?
get your thinking caps on chaps.
cheers, ian.

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