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gt6 4speed ,Clutch Lever broken ??


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what we need is someone to design a concentric slave cylinder to suit the front of the gearbox
Triumph  just dont have a good well  sorted  thow out geometry,   many other marques are just as bad,  

welding is not good either  as these  forks are hardened on the 6 pot Vit/ GT6 range    


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cheers gent,

The 'crack' is just the light shining on the well-polished metal - thank god LOL

I washed the gear box last night and found the two ends  - they must have come off years ago - buried in a mountain of oil and muck at the bottom of the bell housing.

I'm hoping that once its all back together - the arm stays in place (again) - held by the bearing and servo - but its a swine that I'll only know once its back together .

I'd thought about welding (Ive a mate round the corner whose dab hand) - but then thought - what if if welding jiggers it worse.

Might have to just cough up  :-/



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if the pins have a worn flat you can cut them off and weld in a shortend clevis pin

if the sleeve has a worn groove , remove the anti spin pin and reposition it elswhere

make sure the bearing is 19mm thick  many new ones are 15mm and this reduces the arm angle and pitches the throwout pins away from the centre of the sleeve

if this is so you can pack  add a washer under the spherical post to move the pivot forwards a little to compensate


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